U.S. Navy SEALs Got “Gangnam Style!”

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Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

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With another possible deployment to the Middle East, our military men & women have to do what they gotta do to keep it “real” and “fun!” This is by far the best video I have seen of anyone aside from Psy doing it “Gangnam Style!”

Check it out and pass it on!

For all we know, Psy could be cussing us out in Korean and we’d be none the wiser! Kidding! Psy is actually singing about a classy girl by day who gets wild and sexy by night! Sounds like most of the women I know!

Watch: Psy Explains “Gangnam Style” To Lulu y Lala

Everyone appears to have “Gangnam Style” fever! No surprise there! Psy has the number 2 selling single on iTunes!

Homemade videos of the song are popping up all over the place! Lets face it, its the easiet dance song EVER! Just move like you are a jockey riding a horse! HA! First video to pop up were from the lifeguards who unfortunately lost their jobs for using the City Pool as the location of the video.

Now, a Korean teacher who gets the school crowd motivated!

I wanted to make a video, but I wouldn’t have done it justice!

–Micki Gamez, 92.3 NOW

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