K-Pop Superstars the Wondergirls Unite @ 92.3 NOW In NYC!

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K-Pop group Wondergirls (Sohee, Sun, Lim, Yenny & Yubin) in studio w/ Zann at 92.3 NOW FM in NYC. Photo: Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

K-Pop group Wondergirls (Sohee, Sun, Lim, Yenny & Yubin) in studio w/ Zann at 92.3 NOW FM in NYC. Photo: Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

Vincent Roszkowski
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The “K-pop” take over of America is in full swing, with the emergence of South Korea’s newest national treasure, PSY and his viral hit “Gangnam Style.” More recently, it’s the Wondergirls who have taken the states by surprise.

The South Korean pop group, featuring pals Yubin, Yenny, Sun, Sohee and Lim, have defined their group name as coming from the saying “the girls who can amaze the world.”

The girls’ rise to fame has even led to a TV spot on Teen Nick with their “The Wondergirls Special” which features the  pop clique heading to NY on tour, only to bump into one of Americas top girl bands “The School Gyrls” – leading to a battle of the girl bands at NYC’s famous Apollo Theatre.

Photos: Wondergirls In Studio

In 2009, their hit song “Nobody” topped the charts at seventy-six on the billboard top 100 chart. The group has been together for more than five years, and has continued to make it look easy.

When a musical group forms, it would be easy to assume there may be some complications and clashing personalities along the way. However, for the Wondergirls, things have been smooth sailing since the beginning.

“It’s like a family of sisters,” Sun told 92.3 NOW’s Zann, when the ladies visited the studios last week.

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Their still new-to-you hit, “Like Money,” was recorded over a year ago, and has recently been turned into a music video featuring Hip Hop sensation Akon. Check out the futuristic video below!

“Our songs are very catchy, and our dance moves are very easy to follow. I believe those are our strong points,” Yubin told Zann.

The girls have been called the biggest K-pop group to “bring it to the west” and the girls admitted to Zann how much the fans have been a huge part of their success.

“It’s still surreal, we weren’t expecting so many quick reactions, we are very grateful” said Yenny.

The Wondergirls released their single “Like Money” back in July, but unfortunately their new CD isn’t out yet.

“We haven’t decided the exact date,” said Sun. “But it’s going to be really soon!”

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–Vincent Roszkowski, 92.3 NOW

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