Ladies: Kick Off the Fall Season Right… with Mr. Right!

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Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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Summer is gone, Fall is here… and that means it’s time to fall in love! Now is the best time to hook yourself up with a boyfriend. The best way of getting to a man’s heart – FOOTBALL!

Throw on your NFL gear (preferably from Victoria’s Secret because they have the cutest football attire and the hoodies look sexy with leggings!) and head out to your local bar or restaurant tonight where you know the Giants game will be on TV.

Think of how many men will be present. Whether you like the sport or not, educate yourself about it and act like a crazy woman who’s totally into it. If you know whats going on, I guarantee conversations will start up.

Let loose, have fun and just pray that the team your potential hook up is rooting for doesn’t lose. Because guys get really emotional about that sort of thing – in case you’ve been living under a rock.

Here are some football statistics you should know for tonight’s game, Cowboys vs Giants:

  • A Touchdown is 6 points.
  • A Field Goal is worth 3 points.
  • A Safety (when a player with the ball is tackled in his own end zone) is worth 2 points.
  • A “fumble” is when someone drops the ball. Anyone can pick it back up.
  • A “Sack” is when the quarterback is tackled before he throws the ball.
  • The thin yellow line (and red line) is ONLY seen on the TV.
  • If you see a yellow flag – it means the ref is calling a foul on the play.
  • Eli Manning is the quarterback for the GIANTS. He’s a two time super bowl MVP and he’s #10.
  • Victor Cruz is a wide receiver for the GIANTS. He’s #80 and anytime he gets a touchdown, he does this little salsa dance.


  • Tony Romo is the quarterback for the COWBOYS. He’s #9 and you will hear Giants fans make fun of him tonight A LOT. (Come up with something clever about his name to join in!)

Here’s a little tip: If you’re rocking a Giants jersey and the guy you want to talk to is a Cowboys fan… start betting that the Cowboys will lose. Oh, and don’t forget to rub it in his face that the Giants won the Superbowl last year duhhhhh!

The Giants will begin the beatings tonight at 8:30 on NBC. Line up, Dallas!

–Jayme LaBrocca, 92.3 NOW


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