Lulu & Lala Meet Cher Lloyd, Talk Fashion & Her Upcoming Wedding

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Lulu & Lala W/ Cher Lloyd @ The Today Show! 8/30/12
Ty Ty Bentli
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Cher Lloyd, an ex-contestant on The X Factor UK, has proven that sometimes even runners-up can come out on top.

After finishing fourth in the seventh season of the hit television show, her debut single “Swagger Jagger” debuted at the top spot in the UK during the summer of 2011. Fast forward to the summer of 2012, and Cher Lloyd has slowly but surely grabbed the attention of every American “brat” after releasing her single “Want U Back.” The single is all about being jealous over an ex-boyfriend who has moved on to a new girlfriend. Who can’t relate to that? *grunt*

With the success of her current single, Cher has since released a brand new fragrance, announced her engagement to her boyfriend Craig, and revealed the release date for her U.S. album debut ‘Sticks and Stones’ (Oct. 2).

So, now that we know more about the “artist” Cher Lloyd, what about getting to know the “person” Cher Lloyd. Lulu and Lala from 92.3 NOW’s ‘Ty Loves NY’ morning show met up with Cher after her performance on The Today Show at Rockefeller Plaza in NYC, where she chatted about her upcoming wedding, the gifts she wishes her fans would stop giving her, and her shoe obsession!

When asked about her obsession with shoes, Cher says that during every visit to a new city she has to buy a pair of shoes. However, she’s been to NYC more than a handful of times! That would mean over a dozen pair just from this city alone!

“I think maybe I should calm down on the shoes” Cher says. “Because now I feel I need to buy a bigger house for the shoes! And that’s not right… there’s something wrong with that!”

But just in case you wanted to give Cher a pair of shoes as a gift, she says she’s a “size four… in the US. Yeah, tiny…it’s a four in the kiddie department, I buy from the Junior section just so you know!”


There is ONE gift that Cher DOES wish her fans would stop giving:

“PLEASE do not give me animals (especially goldfish).” says Cher. “Because I am running out of places to put them! And I don’t want to be put on a list for being mean to animals, that’s not cool! I wish I had a place where I could put all of the animals, but I don’t feel like having a zoo right now… my music career is starting to do really well.”

That it is. Her current single, “Want U Back,” has officially sold over 1,000,000 downloads and is sitting in the Top 20 on Billboard. Her future plans involve a wedding with her boyfriend Craig, which she says “won’t be a gypsy wedding… I’d like to think I’m more of a traditional type, so a small one!”

Her registry is not currently ready… but don’t expect any items from Payless or Petco to be on there!

Take a listen to the full interview below:

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–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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