Remembering Michael Jackson: When Did YOU First Hear “Thriller?”

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I still remember the day when my sister told me, before I headed out to school, “After school I’m going to buy Michael Jackson‘s “Thriller album!” I was so ecstatic, I couldnt wait for school to let out.

Finally, at 3pm, I ran out and waited outside of my old elementary school, PS 11 in Woodside, for my sister to show up with the goods. Ten minutes later, there she was with a brand new fold out Thriller album in all its glory.

I ran past the Mr. Softee ice cream truck where I’d usually pester her into buying me ice cream and proceeded to drag her home as quickly as possible. We got home, threw our book bags down and played the record over and over again. Starting with “Wanna Be Starting Something” with its “Mamasay Mamasa Mamakusa” chants, to the uber-scary “Thriller” that ended Side A, to the high energy of “Beat It,” the dope groove of “Billy Jean,” the smooth “Human Nature,” and the funk of “P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing);” you could literally sit in front of the stereo listening to the album for hours.

“Thriller” is a masterpiece from beginning to end. It took you on an emotional journey that made you want to dance, feel love, and scare the crap out of you all at the same time (Seriously, the song “Thriller caused me many nightmares, yet was so addicting!)

It wasn’t just the music… Michael Jackson was a remarkable entertainer who had a profound impact on me.

During third grade’s “Career Day,” I remember showing up to school dressed up as “DJ.” How does a DJ dress? I had no clue, but what I did know was – he must wear a white glove to DJ with! So, I had my sister add silver sparkles to a white glove and off to school I went making “wicky wicky” sounds with my mouth as I scratched an imaginary turntable with my sparkling white glove!

Michael’s music was the soundtrack to many of our childhood memories. He will always live on with the wonderful music and memories he’s left us with.

Tonight, on my Club 923 mix show, I’ll be playing some classic Michael Jackson songs along with todays Pop hits. Tune in to 92.3 NOW tonight at 9:23PM and together let’s celebrate the king of Pop!

Here’s Michael Jackson’s masterpiece Thriller video:

So, where were you when you first heard or saw the video for Michael Jackson’s “Thriller?” Sound off in the comments section below!

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