Dirty On The 30: Amber Rose Expecting, Prince Harry’s Royal Cocaine Party & Snooki’s First Baby Pic!

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Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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Happy hump day! It’s that middle of the week feeling… the snooze button seems like the best option and your coffee isn’t really kicking in like it should. But all of that can be forgotten because it’s gossip time! We’ve got all of the latest about Hollywood’s err… finest!

Today we have another famous celebrity couple announcing their first baby, Taylor Swift flies a private jet out for her boyfriend and Prince Harry is in trouble with the law!

Let’s get it started!

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose Expecting First Child

She’s the Queen of the nightlife, but Amber Rose is going to have to put that aside as she just announced she’s currently pregnant with her fiance and rap star Wiz Khalifa! Amber’s due date is in January, and because of that the happy couple will be pushing up their wedding to October.

“Amber’s already had to make some big lifestyle changes, like not smoking cigarettes anymore. As a model she’s used to having a thin waist, so this is going to be an adjustment for her.”

It’s definitely a major lifestyle change for Amber..but will Wiz stop the Mary around his unborn child? Guess that’s for the couple to figure out..

Congrats Wiz and Amber!

129326825 Dirty On The 30: Amber Rose Expecting, Prince Harrys Royal Cocaine Party & Snookis First Baby Pic!

Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

First Picture of Baby Lorenzo Revealed

It was expected to happen sooner than later… baby Lorenzo was unleashed to the world yesterday!

New mother Snooki was seen clutching her hairy newborn as she was wheeled out of the hospital in New Jersey. Sadly you can’t see much of the baby except for the top of his hairy head!

At least the top of the head looks cute! Click here to see the picture.

As you could’ve guessed… MTV cameras were rolling the entire time. Coming up in the new season of Snooki and J Woww, the birth will be the main focus. Excited?

141142662 Dirty On The 30: Amber Rose Expecting, Prince Harrys Royal Cocaine Party & Snookis First Baby Pic!

Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry In Royal Trouble… Again!

The trouble with the Royal Prince continues! What happens in Vegas DEFINITELY doesn’t stay in Vegas..

First the pictures, then the fallout.

  • Dumped by his girlfriend
  • Forced to stay in exile by his Royal family
  • Deleted Facebook
  • Video about to be released showing the entire drunken escapade

And now… there was allegedly cocaine involved! Thankfully, Harry was said to not participate, but the video which could leak ANY minute shows footage of party goers participating in drugs (‘shrooms, pot and cocaine). This entire thing is about to blow up in Harry’s face!

Tsk Prince… tsk!

142065251 Dirty On The 30: Amber Rose Expecting, Prince Harrys Royal Cocaine Party & Snookis First Baby Pic!

Photo Joe Klamer-Pool/Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan Banned From Her Favorite Hotel… NO!!!!

Lindsay is once again proving that she is the Queen of Mess. She’s been staying at the famous Chateau Marmont in Hollywood since June and July. However, Lindsay was of course just being herself… and allegedly didn’t pay ANY of the bills!

$46,350.04 is the damage, and the GM of the hotel is demanding to see it ALL. The GM notes the hotel repeatedly requested payment for the 47 days Lindsay stayed there during the months of June and July … but LiLo never anted up.

Lindsay was ordered to get her stuff out by 12 PM August 1st.  She was then banned from the entire property for not paying.

TMZ put together all of the expenses..take a look!

  • Minibar charges for the 47 days:  $3,145.07.  The highest daily tab … July 1st — $502.43!!
  • Cigarettes: $686.  She blew through 49 packs in 47 days at $14 a pop
  • Chateau Candle: $100
  • Chateau restaurant:  On July 4 Lindsay racked up a $1,992.07 bill.  On top of that, she spent $685.96 that day on room service.

What’s with the random candle, Lindsay?

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–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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