Lenny Kravitz Taps Swedish Producer Avicii For “Superlove” Remix

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Photo: Joe Cingrana for CBS Radio/92.3 NOW

Photo: Joe Cingrana for CBS Radio/92.3 NOW

Photo: Joe Cingrana Joe Cingrana
Managing Editor | 923NOW.com
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The man behind 2011′s dance floor banger “Levels,” swedish producer and DJ Tim Berg – better known as Avicii - is back with a brand new remix for his pal Lenny… Mr. Kravitz if you’re nasty!

Avicii debuted the remixes for Madonna‘s “Girl Gone Wild” and Lenny Kravitz’ “Superlove” at the Ultra Music Festival this year – and now there’s a video to go with it. The clip starts out with a man jogging down the street in his finest jogging suit. When he sees a Walkman sitting on the sidewalk in front of his home, he decides to take it inside.

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Side note: For those of you who have no idea, a Walkman is what your parents used to listen to their music on the go, before there were MP3 players. They played back your music off of a cassette tape, and later CDs. The More You Know…

As soon as our divinely dressed hero pops the tape on, he’s transformed into a dancing machine. But as the clip progresses he’s transported in sight and sound to one of the trippiest raves imaginable, complete with spinning skulls, flowers and lots and lots of pretty lights.

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The track itself is without a doubt a first for Lenny Kravitz. It will be interesting to see if fans of Lenny will latch on to the song or kick it aside due to it’s lack of ‘real instruments.”

Let us know what you think of the song and video in the comments section below.

–Joe Cingrana, 92.3 NOW

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