OneRepublic’s New Single “Feel Again” Aims To Save The Children

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OneRepublic Perform In Studio. Photo: Joe Cingrana, CBS Local

OneRepublic Perform In Studio. Photo: Joe Cingrana, CBS Local

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OneRepublic are yet to announce the release of their currently unnamed fourth studio album, but they will return to the airwaves today (August 22) with their first single from the record, called “Feel Again.”

The excitement the band has for their latest effort is almost palpable. But enthusiasm arises from more than just the anticipation of releasing new music. A large portion of the proceeds made from the sales of “Feel Again” will be donated to Save The Children‘s new Fall campaign titled “Every Beat Matters.” The band chose Save The Children because they knew the organization would maximize their efforts.

“They don’t just go into this weird nebulous region where it may or may not help somebody,” says Tedder. “It literally saves lives.”

OneRepublic was also looking to do more with their latest musical endeavour. While composing quality music the fans can enjoy while making a buck is on every artists’ list, OneRepublic were more than happy to contribute to Save The Children’s cause when they were approached to help with the “Every Beat Matters” campaign.

“We were looking for a reason and a way to do something that meant more than just ‘Oh, here’s another song. We’re trying to be more popular and have more spins or hits…”

Before you hear the studio version of “Feel Again,” check out the bands performance right here in the CBS Radio studios!

[PHOTOS] OneRepublic Perform In Studio

Keep up-to-date with Save The Children:

–E.J. Judge, CBS Local

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