Ty Loves NY: Lala’s Great Coffee Adventure

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CBS Radio/92.3 NOW Although Ty hasn't had a cup of coffee since he was 4 years old...Lala went on a hunt for the best coffee in NY from Manhattan to Staten Island!

CBS Radio/92.3 NOW Although Ty hasn’t had a cup of coffee since he was 4 years old…Lala went on a hunt for the best coffee in NY from Manhattan to Staten Island!

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Ty Bentli has been doing mornings on 92.3 NOW for almost two months now, but he’s still having a really hard time adjusting to waking up at the butt crack of dawn. He’s tried Red Bull, but the one thing he absolutely refuses to drink is coffee – the taste and smell just turn him off.

It sounds illogical to me; coffee is an easy pick-me-up and is a little bit less stomach-killing than Red Bull (still love me some RB though).

Over the weekend, Ty was walking around the South Street Seaport when he found this really cool looking coffee shop called Jack’s Coffee. He even said it smelled good, too! After he told us his story this morning, we persuaded him to give coffee a try.

We have a Starbucks downstairs, I even offered to get it! But no… Ty wanted to try Jack’s coffee because it smelled so darn good!

Photos: Lala’s Coffee Adventure In Pictures

With the Entourage in tow, Lala was on a mission: Get Ty some really good coffee!

With coffee in hand, Lala was ready to come back to the station but that was until Staten Island Princess Jayme came running into the studio asking if Lala could do her a favor.

Lala was off to save Jayme via the Staten Island Ferry! Take a listen to what happened at the end of the adventure!

Ty really sent Lala all over the place this morning! Originally meant to just grab coffee, two hours later Lala ended up taking the Staten Island Ferry to make sure Jayme’s house was safe, and she barely brought anything back for Ty.

(Hello… cold coffee?)

Do YOU have a favorite coffee spot? Ty really needs to find the best, of the best, of thebest. Leave your suggestions in the comments section below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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