Are NY Based Artist Kwame Darko & U.S. Olympian Hope Solo Dating? Nope, But Kwame Wins the Internet!

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There’s an art to getting your name out in the media. Thanks to social sites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s becoming increasingly easier for someone to go from unknown to well known in an instant. All it could take to make yours a household name is a simple posting with the right tags on the right people. Actually, these days tagging doesn’t even matter much. Just mentioning a trending topic or person can get you in front of millions.

Case in point: Kwame Darko.

Kwame, originally from D.C. but now living the life in New York City, is an up and coming artist (we just squirm when we hear the word “rapper” these days) in the big city, and has opened up for the likes of Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa just to name a few. But he recently made waves on the Internet when he sent out a perfectly innocent Tweet while at the rooftop club 230 Fifth on Monday night.

Kwame, who passed on a pro soccer career back in 2010 and decided to focus on his music and writing, found himself squeezing up to Olympic women’s soccer star Hope Solo after meeting up with some mutual friends.

He took a pic with her and sent out this Tweet:

And now you know who Kwame Darko is.

We recently spoke to Darko about his most recent foray into the Twitterverse.

“I never meant for the picture to be interpreted as Hope and I dating,’ Says Kwame. “But the Tweet certainly didn’t help. You can’t really sense sarcasm in 140 characters. But we did look good together, right?!”

At this point, Darko says he’d just like for all of this to calm down, but he certainly doesn’t mind the press he’s gotten since Monday.

“It’s crazy, because the connection that I have to soccer had everyone I know texting and emailing to congratulate me,” says Kwame. “But I can’t stress enough: Hope and I are not together. But just so you know, I am in the market, Hope.”

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Kwame’s first single, “Beautiful Thing” featuring Juno Brown, is available on iTunes. Take a listen below.

You can also check out Kwame Darko’s first webisode on YouTube where he talks about his move from Montgomery County, MD to Brooklyn, NYC.

Kwame performed in Manhattan last night, August 16th, at Katra Lounge (217 Bowery) on the Lower East Side. Check out photos from his performance below.


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