Ty’s Interpretive Movie Clip Of The Day: “Chick Flicks”

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Chick Flicks
Ty Ty Bentli
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It’s officially the weekend! That means it’s time to get out and do the things you weren’t able to do during the week because of work restrictions. Like, for instance: going out to the park, taking your dog for a walk, or meeting up with some friends for brunch.

Oh wait… the forecast calls for gloom and rain!? You might have to ditch some of those plans.

It’s Friday, so new movies are popping up (The Bourne Legacy, The Campaign, and Hope Springs).

This morning Ty felt your pain and because of that, he wanted to hook up some listeners with movie tickets to get you out of the house! However, the way to win them wasn’t just a normal “be-caller-92.” Instead, you had to know a little bit about movies…

It’s called the “Interpretive Movie Clip Of The Day,” and each Friday morning Ty will be taking a lucky caller who thinks they know what scene he’s be acting out. This morning Ty went with the theme “Chick Flicks.” He and his pal Rosie acted out a scene from a movie (without really knowing the dialogue), and the caller had to guess what movie it was!

Take a listen:

OUCH! She got it wrong! But do you know which ‘Chick Flick’ this scene is from? Take a guess in the poll below!

Starting next week, make sure you come back every Thursday morning for a new chance to guess what the Interpretive Movie Clip Of The Day is. That next morning (Friday), Ty will take a caller and if they get the movie correct, they win movie passes!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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