“Little White Lies”: What Are The Lies You Tell To Look Better On a Date?

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Ty Ty Bentli
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Ty has been pretty bashful when it comes to confessing his age. In fact, his friend Rosie who has been in studio with us this week is just the same way. It’s even gone so far into her lies that she has put an age on her Facebook page that isn’t even accurate!

Is that a normal occurrence? Do people take it even further and make up lies on dates to make themselves look better?

Your age could be one example, but have you ever lied about your income? Your job?

This morning, Ty and Rosie hit up the tri-state to find out what people fabricated about themselves on their dates to boost themselves up. One girl called saying that she lied about sports. She found out that her guy LOVES the Giants, so she joined the bandwagon and said she loved them as well.  Another called to say that he tells girls at clubs he’s a JetBlue pilot! What girl doesn’t like a pilot?

Take a listen to what another caller had to say this morning:

Have you ever told a “little white lie” on a date? Something you are either A) afraid to confess because it might make you look less sexy?, or B) you were trying to make yourself look better! Let us know in the comments section below.

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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