Dirty On The 30: J.Lo’s BF Officially Comes Out, Snooki Denied By Jersey & Brangelina Tying The Knot This Weekend?

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Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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Morning people and happy weekend!! It’s time to catch you up on all the latest celebrity gossip first thing in the AM so you can be in the know before all of your friends!

Today, we’ve got more Casper Smart talk, Kim Kardashian is taking the next step in her romance with Kanye, and Snooki is finally seeing the light.

Let’s get it started!

Brad and Angelina Tying The Knot This Weekend!?

The famous power couple is said to be hosting a big 50th anniversary for Brad’s mom and dad (Jane and Bill), but there are rumors buzzing around Europe (and of course the internet) that Brangelina will in fact get married at their estate. George Clooney, who is Brad’s close friend and lives about an hour away from their home in France, is said to be attending, as well as 20 other extremely close friends. Oh, did I mention the man who is responsible for Angelina’s engagement ring is said to be flying in for the party as well?

Where is our invite, Brad!?

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Amy Winehouse’s Ex Husband Suffers From Organ Failure… Drugs To Blame

Amy Winehouse’s ex husband (aka the man who is said to be the blame for her drug addiction) has just gone into a booze relapse, and is now fighting for his life. Blake Fielder-Civil was found choking in his bed, and had been rushed to the hospital. On top of that, the medics have induced him into a coma to help fight infection on the organs that are failing him.

Amy’s father has had a rough relationship with Blake, citing that he was the fault his daughter had started  up her addiction to drugs, eventually killing her. But it seems as though he is putting that behind him as he wrote this about Blake on his Twitter account:

Let bygones be bygones… but it’s sad to think that he kind of had this coming to him. Crack is whack kids!

Jessica Simpson

Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Jessica Simspon’s Father Arrested!

Looks like we have our next contestant on Celebrity Rehab… is that even on still? If not, I’m calling up Dr. Drew! Forget it… we are coming up with our own show! It’ll be called ‘The D.U.I. Club,’ and Joe Simpson will be one of the first contestants. Step right up!

Joe Simpson, the father and manager of Jessica Simpson (and the jig girl on SNL… Ashlee Simpson) was pulled over in LA on Wed (August 8th). After realizing he was intoxicated, the cops cuffed him and brought him to jail, where he stayed there overnight. Oops… guess Papa Simpson is officially Hollywood! Since this is his first offense, he will just get one big fat fine (which Jessica will surely pay off).

144264113 Dirty On The 30: J.Los BF Officially Comes Out, Snooki Denied By Jersey & Brangelina Tying The Knot This Weekend?

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

I Ain’t Sayin’ She A Gold Digger… But Kim K. Is Off The Pill!

I feel like we’ve been hearing the story that Kim Kardashian wants Kanye’s baby well before they were even together. However, the newest story is that Kim is actually serious about their relationship. So serious that she quit her birth control!

Okay, so Kim technically isn’t a gold digger… SHE is loaded! But her empire is going nowhere, soon. But when it comes to relationships, if this woman is serious about taking that next step with Kanye, then maybe she should wait until:

A) Her divorce is complete?

B) The two get their own reality show.

C) Her divorce is complete!

Wishing Kim the best on this! Those hips were definitely made for some babies!

snooki Dirty On The 30: J.Los BF Officially Comes Out, Snooki Denied By Jersey & Brangelina Tying The Knot This Weekend?


Snooki and J-WoWw: Rejected

Just because they made Jersey famous, that doesn’t mean that they’re welcome everywhere! While trying to find filming locations for their reality spin off, Snooki and J-WowW were denied by both Toms River and Point Pleasant Townships! So option three was of course Jersey City.

The second season’s filming location hasn’t been confirmed, but you can expect there will of course be more denials from various cities in Dirty Jerz. The second season will be all about the future baby meatball, Lorenzo! But don’t expect anything too intimate when it comes to the birth. “…I’m going to record it for myself because I want to remember that moment. And I want to show Lorenzo when he is 16 in front of all his friends and embarrass him,” said Snooks. Such a sweet moment…

145355525 Dirty On The 30: J.Los BF Officially Comes Out, Snooki Denied By Jersey & Brangelina Tying The Knot This Weekend?

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Hyde Bellagio

Casper Smart Slowly Coming Out?

I’m not sure if “slowly coming out” is the correct thing to say when it comes to J Lo’s boyfriend Casper Smart. After all, he was seen outside of a gay strip club in NYC, plus pictures of him in some pretty revealingly gay outfits might have been a good indication, but his latest Twitter picture might be the icing on the cake.

Casper put up a picture of himself outside the “YouTube” building yesterday (August 9th) wearing a red shirt captioned “ACDC”. Okay, most straight people would just assume that is a rock band. But there’s more meaning to this..ACDC REALLY means “Alternate Current/Direct Current”, meaning to “swing both ways.”

Oops… guess the cat is definitely out of the bag. His caption underneath the picture simply says “SWAGG”. Yes Casper, you definitely have swagg, but that comes at the cost of Mrs Jenny From The Block’s bank account.

Listen to the Dirty on the 30 below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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