We’re Nuts for Nicki: She’s Nuts for Spicy Fried Chicken!

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Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

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You’ve been demanding tickets to see Nicki Minaj at Roseland Ballroom all week long and we’ve been coming through with those tickets for the Tri-state. Meanwhile, Nicki’s been demanding plenty of things herself backstage on her Pink Friday tour. Her tour rider has been leaked, and we’ve got the dirt on what keeps our favorite Queens native satisfied.

One thing’s for sure: Nicki likes to keep herself and her crew well fed. She requests three buckets of spicy fried chicken, with “no thighs” and “lots of wings.” Let’s be honest, who loves chicken thighs? To keep her and her dancers revved up and hydrated, she asks for 12 cans of red bull and one gallon of Simply Lemonade.

It’s not just about the food, but also the mood. Nicki requests that venues provide two dozen pink or white roses, scented candles, and two space heaters. She also asks for contact solution – you never know when a fake eyelash is going to get in your eye!

Hungry? Well we suggest you sneak your way backstage at Roseland Ballroom. Throughout the day Nicki and her crew require: scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, toast, Belgian waffles, strawberries, a deli selection of turkey breast meat, grilled chicken breast, and large fruit and cheese platter.

What do you think – is Nicki’s tour rider diva-ish or are these simple demands? One thing’s for sure… it’s refreshing to see a girl actually EAT these days!

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