92.3 NOW’s Zann Chats With Ne-Yo, Restraining Order Probably Soon To Follow

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Singer/dancer/actor/father - Ne-Yo in studio at 92.3 NOW in NYC. Photos: Joe Cingrana, CBS Local/92.3 NOW

Singer/dancer/actor/father – Ne-Yo in studio at 92.3 NOW in NYC. Photos: Joe Cingrana, CBS Local/92.3 NOW

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92.3 NOW’s night host Zann sat down with the “lovely, yet masculine” Ne-Yo in studio today to discuss his physique, his new album, and his dreams.

Ne-Yo’s new album, ‘R.E.D.,’ a.k.a. Realizing Every Dream, was inspired by him realizing he’s reached every goal he’s set for himself since the ripe age of nine years old. Hey, congrats!

“From the little, stupid, immature dreams that you have when you’re a kid like, ‘I want a new car,’ to the more adult dreams like, ‘I want to find love, I want to have kids and my kids be healthy… and it’s all been through music” he said. “This album is basically just a celebration of the fact that music has allowed me to realize all of my dreams.”

Ne-Yo has also set out to blur the lines between R&B music and Pop/Dance music. He said this is the first album on which he has paid attention to his majority fan bases and he feels his new album has plenty to offer both his R&B fans and his Pop/Dance fans.

He says he also wants to pull R&B away from the overly sexual state it’s in and push it back to an emotionally honest place.

“R&B is lightweight suffering right now, I feel. The genre itself is not as prominent as it once was, and I feel like that has to do with the emotional disconnect right now,” says Ne-Yo. “Everybody is over-sexed or over-confident or over-macho and it’s like, there’s no honesty in the emotion right now and that’s why R&B is not as good as it once was.”

Speaking of honesty, last season Ne-Yo was a brought on to NBC’s ‘The Voice’ as an adviser for Cee-Lo Green during the “battle rounds.” When it came time for Ne-Yo to help Cee-Lo make an elimination, he said he felt that honesty was the best policy – because at the level the competitors were singing at, constructive criticism would be more helpful than being harsh.

Shifting gears, Zann finally asked the question every lady is wondering: Is Ne-Yo off the market?

No, he’s not married, but he might as well be. He’s is currently in a relationship with a special lady who is his best friend and also the mother of his two beautiful children. Yeah, sorry ladies.

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