Toro Talks With Mindy Meyer: New York State’s Next Senator (MAYBE)

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Mindy Meyer visits 92.3 NOW!!!

Mindy Meyer visits 92.3 NOW!!!

E.J. Judge
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It was sometime around 1992 the last time the vote was officially rocked, when a Governor from Arkansas named Bill Clinton brought young voters to the booths to have their voices heard. A young Flatbush resident is looking to make that same impact on a local level in New York as she begins campaigning for a seat in the state’s Senate.

Her name is Mindy Meyer.

That name should be familiar to you by now, unless you abstain from television, radio, internet or talking to people who have even a remote knowledge of societal occurrences. Meyer’s website launched recently and caught everyone’s collective eye, thanks to it’s bright pink GeoCities-esque platform, heavy use of photoshop and the beat to LMFAO‘s “Sexy And I Know It” on loop.

But don’t let the site’s layout fool you. The 22-year-old is serious in her pursuit of New York’s Senate seat. And thanks to her over-the-top website, she achieved the attention she wanted, which she discussed with 92. NOW’s Toro.

p1370415 Toro Talks With Mindy Meyer: New York States Next Senator (MAYBE)

Mindy Meyer visits 92.3 NOW!!!

“It was supposed to be a website to attract my younger constituents. To attract them and get them to the voting booth,” says Meyer. “Now I’m here to divert all of that attention to the seriousness and the issues.”

And the issues are what Meyer cares about. Stop and frisk, school choice, crime, abortion, poverty and unemployment are the major points on Meyer’s list.

“I would focus on issues … that specifically pertain to younger constituents,” Meyer proclaims. “… allocating more funds to start summer youth employment programs and help our younger generation … build up their resume and obtain substantial life experience now.”

–E.J. Judge, CBS Local/92.3 NOW

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