Pink Says New Album Is A ‘Mystery Bag,’ Still Full Of Rebellion

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Grammy winning recording artist Pink In Studio At 92.3 NOW FM in NYC w/ morning host Ty Bentli. Photo: Joe Cingrana, CBS Local/92.3 NOW

Grammy winning recording artist Pink In Studio At 92.3 NOW FM in NYC w/ morning host Ty Bentli. Photo: Joe Cingrana, CBS Local/92.3 NOW

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Pop music’s resident bad girl has taken a break from her wild ways to focus on motherhood, but don’t think that’s stopping Pink from dishing out her usual dose of me-against-the-world music on her new album, ‘The Truth About Love.’

Pink, along with her husband Carey Hart and one year old daughter Willow, stopped by the 92.3 NOW studios last week to talk about her new album, which drops on September 18.

Pink said her new album has several surprise collaborations. Despite Ty’s efforts, she wouldn’t budge on who to expect, hence the “surprise” part, but she did say we could expect to hear someone new to the music game – and we can expect to not hear Steven Tyler or Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong.

Pink said her new single, ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss),’ is about an emotion she felt that has stayed with her over time.

“I write from experience and this was sort of a left over experience,” she said. “I’m good for blow-off steam, have a drink and get on the dance floor, ‘I’m going to exercise some demons’ – that’s like my thing.”

She said she’s very excited and proud of the new album, which, as we’ve come to expect from the Grammy winning singer, includes a wide range of genres.

“It’s all over the place, I’m a mystery bag,” she said. “It’s some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever written.” Though her favorite song from the album changes every day, she said right now she’s digging three songs: ‘How Come You’re Not Here,’ ‘Just Give Me A Reason’ and ‘The Great Escape.’

Watch the Full Interview with Pink below:

During her career (now almost 13 years in!), she’s had several run-ins with radio, where stations wouldn’t play her music because of how ‘anti-authority’ and ‘controversial’ she is as an artist and as a person, which pushed her to be even more rebellious.

“I feel like certain people gave me a chance,” she said. “After a while, they realized I wasn’t going away like they were hoping; and certain key people gave me a chance and I wasn’t as rude as I used to be, and we all grow and learn.”

Would Pink’s monstrous voice and newly toned down attitude ever bring her to the Broadway stage? She says she’d never do a long run, but would love to do one special show of ‘Les Miserables’ or ‘Phantom Of The Opera.’

“I trained classically in Opera. I would do ‘Les Mis’ or ‘Phantom’ or something,” she said. “I could do the guy and the girl!”

Someone needs to make this happen! Who’s got connections?

–Sarah Scroggins, CBS Local/92.3 NOW

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