Flo Rida Would Rather Focus On What Frank Ocean Puts Into His Music

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Photo: Joe Cingrana, CBS Local/92.3 NOW

Photo: Joe Cingrana, CBS Local/92.3 NOW

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Since Frank Ocean decided to come out to his family, friends, fans and the hip hop community, he’s received overwhelming support from fellow artists… including the one and only Flo Rida.

During a recent visit to 92.3 NOW/New York, Flo said he supports Frank’s decision to stand behind who he is and being honest with his fans.

“You know, to each his own,” he said. “Whatever you do, but always, you know, be able to stand behind it, and him just standing behind and being honest, I think that’s a great quality.”

Although Frank’s sexual preference doesn’t matter to Flo, it matters to others, like the Target corporation, who have refused to carry his CD. But he said that since he heard about Frank’s decision to come out, he’s heard a lot of positivity behind the scenes in the music industry.

“I think, you know, as long as he’s doing something positive and his music doesn’t influence people to do some crazy things, which, I’ve got a chance to listen to it and, I mean, hes a talented artist and that’s what I think should be respected of all things.”

Flo says he wants Frank to know that he’s a fan of his work.

–Sarah Scroggins, 92.3 NOW

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