Kimye: Leave ‘Em Alone!

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Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

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We’ve ALL been in a *relaysh that has other people wanting to rain on our parades. Haters, they are gonna hate, it’s science! I’m not sure why, but we as a people tend to squash on other’s happiness and success at love. I’m not saying Kim is a saint when it comes to love and all that jazzercise, she clearly has much to learn about the heart. And Kanye, well he once tweeted, “Dating models I had to learn to like small dogs and cigarettes.”

Here’s some reasons I think Kardashiwest (let’s try and get that trending on twitter!) is just fine in my book!

Kanye Sings To Kim…

How many of us wishes their boyfriends sang an original song to us on stage with thousands of fans singing along? HOW MANY? I know I do. So when I read that Kanye sang “Cold” directly to Kim at an Atlantic City concert, I was like, “awwww!” That’s real cute, you can’t deny that. No matter how much you dislike either one of em, one can’t deny how special Kim must have felt when ‘Ye declared his love for her on stage in the form of sweet, sweet rap lyrics.

Beyonce: The Built In Friend…

It’s pretty evident that Kanye and Jay-Z are super close friends. When pictures were snapped of Beyonce and Kim at a recent Jay-‘Ye concert, Beyonce fans were literally sending death threats to Kim for disgracing Lady B’s presence. I think that’s a major bummer. When I’m in a new relationship, I want to get in good with the friends of my boo, and Beyonce is like an instant in! It’s like all the stars aligned for Kimikins. You have to respect that kind of luck.

They Match Their Clothes!

Alright, now that I’m writing this out, it’s kind of annoying that they match their clothes all the time. But it’ still cute! Isn’t it? Why do I feel a nagging tug of “ugh!” all of a sudden? Could it be that I, Sasha, am a hater that is hating? SAY IT AIN’T SO! I refuse! Keep wearing your matching Air Jordans K & K! Please!!!!

Keep on keepin on in your kilts and kimonos Kim and Kanye! I’m all for this union! I feel like you guys give hope to all the couples out there who are just like “OK , let’s just combine forces. You with your giant bum and me with my hilarious tweets, we’ll take over the world!”

I think we’ve all said that at one point or another.

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