Keeping Souvenirs From Past Relationships… Is This a Good Thing?

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Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

Photo by Sarah Glenn/Getty Images

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Earlier this week, an aspiring model named Saralyn allegedly “leaked” a photo of herself on her Twitter page showing her on a couch with what looks like a passed out Lil Wayne. This, shall we say, “groupie” (of course she doesn’t consider herself one) and Weezy allegedly had a sexual encounter and as he passed out afterwards, she felt the need to take a picture as some sort of souvenir.

Creepy? Maybe. But is keeping souvenirs from past relationships a good thing? Have you ever stolen boxers, t-shirts, hoodies or anything else from your then-partner?

Sarah Lee believes this is a normal thing. That once the relationship ends, the memories haven’t. You have spent those special times together, so what’s wrong with wearing a hoodie that’s comfortable now and then? Breakup or not, that relationship happened. And when two people break up, throwing out the other person’s things seems just a bit unfair.

But so does keeping them!

Take a listen to what one listener kept from her past relationship: 

What happens when you start to date someone and they find some old letter or picture in your drawers? Do you care if your husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend has souvenirs from past relationships? In regards to Saralynn the “groupie”, do you keep items from a random “hookup?”

Let us know in the comments section below!

–Bryan Carstensen, 92.3 NOW

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