Zann’s Viral Video Infection: Cat vs. Apples

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I kind of almost wish that there was always some sort of dramatic music playing in the background of our lives. It would make things so much more interesting! This poor kitten is out of control with aggression towards some apples his owner left on the bed.

The best part of it? The fact that the owner filmed it then added dramatic music.

This is why I’m Team Cat all the way in the Team Cat vs. Team Dog debate. It’s not that I don’t like dogs… but there are tons of reasons I like cats.

Here are three reasons why cats are better:

1. They don’t need you to walk them out in the concrete jungle while they drop a load. I’m embarrassed watching it, so I’m sure the owners are embarrassed scoopin’ up poo poo with a plastic bag.

2. I don’t know if it’s the water, but cats are more and more like dogs with their affection. My cat, Byson Pierre, waits for me by the door until I get home… he snuggles me when I sleep. He answers me when I talk to him. He plays with toys. I can’t even handle how much of a human being he is.

3. They attack things. One second they are sweet little cuddle creatures, then BAM, you’re dead mouse! You are so protected from the random annoyances of life when you have a cat.

Watch this kitten taking care of business when these apples attack:

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