Breastfeeding Reality Show In The Works… Wait, Really!?

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Reality television has touched every aspect of American life over the past decade. Between catching gators in the South, Jersey Shore cast mates rolling around the boardwalk drunk and Sarah Palin hunting – we’ve seen it all.

What about a show based on breastfeeding? Nope, never been done… UNTIL NOW!

After Time magazine released an article about mothers breastfeeding children that are over age (“non babies”), reality television has decided to jump on the controversial band wagon.

The phenomenon of attachment parenting can be defined as parents who want to physically be close to their children, whether it’s by co-sleeping, breastfeeding, or carrying their infants around in slings.

However, light is being shed on  people who go a bit too far and become too attached. For instance, the star of the ’90s show “Blossom” and “The Big Bang Theory,” Mayim Bialik, is an advocate for attachment parenting. Mayim is letting her son wean off of her breast milk, and, jokingly, said she’ll stop breastfeeding when he’s in high school.

So when all is said and done, will you watch a show that is based on breastfeeding? Has reality television gone too far? Do YOU breastfeed YOUR child well into their childhood? Sound off in the comments below! All bets are off.

–Bryan Carstensen, CBS Local/92.3 NOW


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