92.3 NOW Intern Sarah’s ‘One Night Stand’ With The Wanted

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Backstage with The Wanted during 92.3 NOW's One Night Stand at the Best Buy Theater on June 15, 2012 (Photo: CBS Digital)

Backstage with The Wanted during 92.3 NOW’s One Night Stand at the Best Buy Theater on June 15, 2012 (Photo: CBS Digital)

Sarah Scroggins
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Here’s the thing…

There are moments in your life that pass by so quickly and happen so unexpectedly, you’re not really even sure if they happened, or if it was all just a dream.

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately depending on your outlook, we live in such a technology-based world, someone, somewhere more than likely took pictures or video of that moment.

Now, before I go any further with this story, I should explain that I’m just a sweet, little intern for 92.3 NOW from Dallas, Texas with just a measly summer to make my mark on the Big Apple.

OK, back to the story! As you probably know, 92.3 NOW hosted the epic One Night Stand concert at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square last weekend, featuring The Wanted, Karmin, Dev and Chiddy Bang.

As the digital media intern, I was able to not only attend One Night Stand, but I was backstage the whole time. This was very strange in itself, because, firstly, I’d never been backstage at a show with world-famous performers and, secondly, because those world-famous performers were roaming around freely. For example: As I was eating salad in some room with a microwave, so I guess it was a kitchen, Travie McCoy from Gym Class Hereos walks by, looks in the room and says ‘hey’ and continues on to where ever he was headed. Things like that don’t happen in Dallas.

Anyway, I was backstage watching The Wanted do their thing on stage, and I was in awe of how many girls were screaming, crying, passing out and taking out other girls just to get a centimeter closer to these boys.

All of a sudden, during their last song, “Glad You Came”, they start pulling on stage some of the backstage contest winners! How awesome is that?! There was one girl, probably about 9 or 10, who was too scared to go on stage. I tried to convince her to go on stage and explain to her that some day she might regret not going out there, and before I knew it someone was grabbing my hand.

I hear, “Come on stage, beautiful,” and before I have a chance to think, Jay McGuiness was pulling me on stage!

Like, girls DREAM of things like that happening to them, and my story doesn’t even stop there.

So, I’m on stage, right? The boys are hamming it up, throwing water on each other and the crowd, you know, boy band things.

Then, when I thought things couldn’t get any more outrageous, they start coming up to me (and maybe the other girls on stage, but they’re not relevant right now) one by one, giving me a hug and planting a huge kiss on my cheek. THAT’S RIGHT, SUCKERS. I got kissed on the cheek by The Wanted and it was awesome. I swear you could hear hearts breaking in the crowd.

After the show was over, I immediately thought, ‘Crap! I don’t have any physical evidence that this even happened! All my loser friends back in Texas aren’t going to believe me!’. I had to act fast. I found some girls I had met before the show and they had taken some pictures of what happened, but they were blurry and you couldn’t really tell what was going on, but it would have to suffice. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Well, five days later, I’m working at my desk and I hear my boss say, ‘Sarah, you might want to come in here’. I’m pretty sure I’ve screwed something up or he was going to show me something ridiculous like a girl dressed up as Wendy from Wendy’s delivering food, but that’s another story.

I sit down and he started to play a video called #WantedWednesday Empire State Of Mind. He skips ahead to about the 4:38 mark, and there I am being brought on stage in my blue dress and big Texas hair!

Needless to say, no matter what happens the rest of my stay in New York, my summer has been made.

Mama, I did it! I’m a star!

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