Zann Gives The Wanted Super Fans A Special Surprise

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As you may or may not know, 92.3 NOW’s Zann has been visiting a group of dedicated The Wanted fans all week, giving them survival supplies - you know, like hand sanitizer, towels and t-shirts with 92.3 NOW logos!

Because these girls have stood their ground against the rain, the heat, and the creeps of NYC, we felt they proved their loyalty to The Wanted and deserved a reward.

In honor of Zann’s birthday (Happy Birthday, girl!), she decided to do something nice for the super fans too.

While everyone was waiting for the doors to open to the show, she visited the girls one last time to tell them their dreams were about to come true; they were being upgraded to the front row and were going to meet the boys of the band!

We know, we know… She’s awesome!

Congrats, girls! Don’t forget to use that breath spray we gave you!

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