To Our Wanted Super Fans Camping Outside One Night Stand: We’re Glad You Came!

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If you think you’re The Wanted’s biggest fan, you’re wrong…

Since Monday, a group of seven girls have been camped out in front of the Best Buy Theater in Times Square for the chance to get as close as possible to The Wanted at 92.3 NOW’s One Night Stand.

Talk about dedication! They’ve braved the sunshine, the rain, and the germs for these boys! They even came up with a system of switching out campers so everyone gets a chance to shower and change clothes.

92.3 NOW’s own Zann was checking out the venue of the show on Monday when she spotted the superfans sitting down on the sidewalk by the entrance to the theater. Zann, being the totally awesome girl she is, came back and visited them every single day to bring them hand sanitizer, breath spray, towels, and t-shirts.

Thoughtful, right?!

Here’s Zann with her take:

“Since Monday morning a group of teenage girls have been camped outside of the Best Buy Theater in Times Square! Why?! They want to be front row for our One Night Stand show that is sold out for June 15th! It’s general admission and they are determined to be up close and person with The Wanted. I’ve been visiting them since day one, giving them survival necessities such as hand sanitizer, breath freshener, a 92.3 NOW towel and t-shirts. They are becoming a Times Square attraction for tourists as people stop to take pictures and wave at them!

I have to shout out my girl Izzy from the group! I’m pretty sure she hasn’t left her spot against the wall since Monday morning! Get your funk on girls! And speaking of funk… maybe start rotating in and out to grab a shower!

Side note: If I’m ever without a place to live, at least I know I can take my things and camp out in Times Square without being bothered by NYPD.

Dreamboat Toro also took care of the girls’ food needs last night!

Check Out Toro’s Pizza Delivery NOW >

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