Top Five Most Recent Zombie Incidences

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George Romero might have been on to something when he created Night of the Living Dead. Granted that was back in 1968! Fast forward to 2012, and the world is experiencing a brand new terror… BATH SALTS!

Incidents all over the world have started to pop up where people ate others, even themselves! But the odd thing about all of these situations is that the people who performed the cannibalistic acts growled when tased, withstood 50 gun shots, and even ate their own CHILDREN!

Don’t believe me? Here are the top five worst zombie incidents, ALL five happening in 2012 alone! Do YOU believe zombies are among us?

5. A woman in Texas beheaded her infant son and then ate some of his body parts, including biting off three of the baby’s toes. This latest incident from Texas is unthinkable, as this is a mother who did this to her own infant son. The mother used a knife and two swords.

4. It was different in New Jersey, where a man stabbed himself 50 times and threw bits of his own intestines at police. They pepper-sprayed him, but he was not easily subdued.

3. Canadian porn actor Luka Rocco Magonotta is wanted for killing his boyfriend, eating the flesh of the victim and than mailing body parts all over the country. To top this all off, Luka video taped the entire thing.

2. A student in Maryland ended up killing his roommate and devouring his brain and heart. I guess he wasn’t too happy about his final exam grades!

1. A man in Miami helped kick this entire apocalypse off. The gruesome case involved Rudy Eugene, who chewed off the face of a homeless man on the street. To top it off, the man was repeatedly tased by police and wasn’t fazed by it! He just perked his head up and growled. I haven’t looked at my dog the same again!

So, do you believe in zombies? We all hear this is happening from bath salts. But I like to believe there are OTHER things out there. Maybe 2012′s prediction of the world ending IS nigh!

  • Click here to read the CDC’s guide to the zombie apocalypse.



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