Katy Perry On “Wide Awake,” “Part Of Me” 3D + Her Love For Tacos And Hot Dogs

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Katy Perry is close to bringing an end to what she describes as “the longest record ever” with the release of her single “Wide Awake.” She discussed the single with 92.3 NOW’s Toro while he was in Los Angeles this past weekend and also took time to talk about her 3D documentary Katy Perry: Part of Me as well as her love for tacos and hot dogs.

“It’s really been a fun journey,” Perry says of her wildly successful second studio album. “It (“Wide Awake”) is kind of the last thing I want to say off of Teenage Dream because I feel like I’m going to go to a different place artistically and this is a nice final chapter moment.”

Perry’s final exclamation point on this period of her life will be with the release of her part-biopic, part-concert film entitled Katy Perry: Part of Me. Perry made the announcement on Twitter that her movie, which will appear in 3D when it comes to theaters, will arrive this Summer (July 5).

Movie goers will be treated to a special surprise when then head to theaters to see Katy Perry: Part of Me in 3D. Perry had the 3D glasses specially made for the occasion.

“There are all kinds of different ones. Whichever week you decide to go, especially in the first three weeks, there’s different colors and variations,” says Perry. “And in some special theaters there are heart-shaped 3D glasses for all the boys and girls who are brave!”

Perry is sure to build up an appetite with her busy schedule. When she is in New York, her favorite grub to chow down on is her West coast favorite; tacos.

“I get tacos from La Esquina, which is this Mexican food joint,” says Perry. “(But) no offense to you East coasters, but sometimes it’s hard to find good Mexican food so I get some authentic tacos and have some tequilas.”

New York City is also known for its dirty water dogs, which Perry admits she enjoys from time to time.

“I have some every once in a while… but I heard hot dogs are made out of the b-holes and ears of pigs,” says the fact-filled Perry. “But I love them!”

Perry’s movie, Katy Perry: Part of Me in 3D, will be in theaters July 5th and check out her lyric video for her latest single from Teenage Dream, “Wide Awake.”

You might get a hug if you do.

perry hug Katy Perry On Wide Awake, Part Of Me 3D + Her Love For Tacos And Hot Dogs

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