One Direction / Grease Mash Up From Toro & Jay Dabhi

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Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

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There’s no secret, musicians find inspiration from other musicians. It’s just how the wheels turn on this ride that we, as music fans, are happy passengers.

U.K. uber-boyband One Direction‘s hit “What Makes You Beautiful” has been tearing up the charts for months, and 92.3 NOW’s DJ Toro and resident mixer Jay Dabhi have come up with a great mash up of the chart topper along with an old favorite…

Here’s Toro to explain:

“One day, Jay Dabhi and I were at the station and WMYB was playing and I said to him… ‘Man I swear I hear ‘Summer Nights’ from Grease in this song… Lets mash this up!’ So we got to the studio and made a little mash up of the two – and it actually came out pretty good! I started playing it in my 5 O’Clock Rollout and Jay started playing it in his 9 O’Clock Mixtape on 92.3 NOW. We were getting tweets and texts that people loved it and wanted it! So here it is… and thanks to our friend DJ Scoop, he took it one step further and made you a video mashup! Enjoy!”

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Download the Track @ >

Here are a couple of other old school pop tracks that sound a little similar, buuuut not quite as perfect as One Direction!

Sheila E. – “Glamorous Life”

Rick Springfield – “Human Touch

One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

Show your parents this post. They’ll totally become 1D fans!


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