Karmin On Finding Their Signature Style

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Amy Heidemann of Karmin Performs at Perez Hilton's One Night In... NYC. Photo: E.J. Judge for CBS Radio / 92.3 NOW

Amy Heidemann of Karmin Performs at Perez Hilton’s One Night In… NYC. Photo: E.J. Judge for CBS Radio / 92.3 NOW

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For some bands it takes years to find a unique style. Karmin‘s Amy Heidemann visited Fresh 102.7/New York and shared the details behind her fashion sense and how you can get her signature look.

“A year ago we were eating spaghetti and we had just a web cam and some YouTube videos,” Amy said. “I always wanted to do the retro thing. I love Gwen Stefani, love Janelle Monae. I love classy, retro inspired babes but with an edge of spiciness.”

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A year can make a major difference and Amy learned this firsthand.

“Now that we have the resources of a stylist and the label and everybody’s supporting us and sending us clothes it’s so much easier. This is called a suicide roll,” Amy said pointing to her head. “It’s a 1940s hairstyle.”

Admitting it was hard to come up with a signature style, Amy urges fans to watch her how-to video.

“You can check the tutorial on YouTube, it’s free. And send me a picture if you do it.”

In the video Amy tells viewers all they need is a few bobby pins, hair spray, comb and a hair band to create a suicide roll for themselves. To learn how you can look just like Karmin, watch the video below.

- Annie Reuter CBS Local

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