New Music From Fo Onassis ft. DJ David S, Kat Deluna & Fatman Scoop

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DJ David S.

DJ David S.

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NYC native Fo Onassis is back with a brand new single featuring 92.3 NOW Resident Mixer DJ David S. It’s called “She Said Her Name Was Vodka” and features even more local talent, namely the beautiful Miss Kat DeLuna and the king of the clubs, Fatman Scoop.

Here’s David S. with some details and background on the track…

“This is a project that I’m super excited to be involved with due to the people who are on this record. For all of those who don’t know, I’ve been DJing since I was sixteen years old and have been fortunate to meet a lot of great people and grow in the industry in that time. I’m always looking to take it to another plateau and I’m constantly challenging myself to reach higher levels. Music is my passion and life, so when Fo Onassis asked me to be a part of the record, I was immediately on board. We spent long hours in the studio perfecting the song and working out the kinks. A few record execs heard the record and automatically knew we had something special on our hands.

vodka jpeg web New Music From Fo Onassis ft. DJ David S, Kat Deluna & Fatman Scoop

Fo Onassis

They added Kat Deluna (best know for songs like “Whine Up,” ” Run the Show,” and “Drop It Low”) and GRAMMY award winner Fatman Scoop to provide the energy the record needed. The song is quickly making an impact on the internet and in the clubs… Now I’m asking my 92.3 NOW fans to support one of their own. I look forward to hearing all the feedback and I really hope you enjoy the song.

So here it is, ‘She Said Her Name Was VODKA’ by Fo Onassis featuring DJ David S, Kat Deluna, and Fatman Scoop.” – DJ David S.

Here’s what’s going on with DJ David S. this weekend…

Thursday, David makes his debut at BlackThorn:
651 North Michigan Avenue
Kenilworth‎, NJ‎ 07033

Friday, catch him at the grand opening of Bungalow at Coco Bongos:
423 N. Broad St
Elizabeth, NJ 07208

And Saturday we party till 3am at NV Night Club:
323 North Broad Street
Elizabeth‎, NJ‎ 07208

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