Point Pleasant, NJ Bars Not Too Happy About New Closing Time

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Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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On Tuesday night, the Point Pleasant, NJ Beach Council got together and voted that every bar in Pt. Pleasant has to close by 12AM starting on July 1st. The only way the bars can remain open is by paying a fee.

The town apparently has received numerous complaints by residents saying that people leaving the bars were being too rowdy. In order to keep the crowds under control, the fees that the bars would have to pay to stay open past midnight would take care of the extra officers who would be on duty.

I’m very upset about this whole situation because I don’t leave my house till 11:30pm. Also as a DJ, this will DEFINITELY effect my bookings down there over the summer… I can understand the fact of being upset at the rowdy people, but c’mon – don’t take it out on everyone!

Now, if a bar wants to pay the fine to stay open later they are probably going to have to raise their prices which would probably make customers NOT want to go there.

This might not be a smart move. Don’t you make money off the taxes on bars? I dont know…

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