MEOW! Kate Upton’s “Cat Daddy” Dance Blows Up; Inspires DJ Toro

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There’s this dance that many celebs are doing called the “Cat Daddy.” Recently, Kate Upton did it in a bikini, which has blown up all over the internet. Needless to say, after seeing her moves, I fell in love.

My goal is to meet Miss Upton, take her out on the town and show her what a great guy I am. I think the best way to grab her attention is by showing her my moves!

In case you aren’t familiar, you can watch Kate Upton’s “Cat Daddy” dance moves here. Or you can just watch this gif for the next nine (ya see, because cats have nine lives) minutes.

funny gifs kate upton doing the cat daddy1 MEOW! Kate Uptons Cat Daddy Dance Blows Up; Inspires DJ Toro

Let’s make this big. If Kate is going to go out with me, we have to spread this like fire, all over Twitter and Facebook. We should get everyone in on it too. I know you guys would love to see Chunky break it down and show us the “Fat Cat Daddy.”

Now from what I hear, Kate Upton is a NYC girl, so if she likes my moves it shouldn’t be too hard for us to get together, right?

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