The Wanted Talk American Success, Punk’d, New Single and More

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Siva, Max, Tom, Jay and Nathan of U.K. band The Wanted in studio at 92.3 NOW FM in NYC. Photo: Joe Cingrana for CBS Radio / 92.3 NOW

Siva, Max, Tom, Jay and Nathan of U.K. band The Wanted in studio at 92.3 NOW FM in NYC. Photo: Joe Cingrana for CBS Radio / 92.3 NOW

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U.K cuties The Wanted brought down the house on Monday, filling the 92.3 NOW studios in New York City up to capacity with squealing, singing, excited girls. There wasn’t a quiet seat in the house and the girls sang until the rowdy British hunks showed up to sit down with Sarah Lee to discuss their American success, their new single “Chasing The Sun” and much, much more.

Before they she got started, Sarah Lee needed to set the record straight about what their single “Glad You Came” is all about. Sarah wanted to know what she was listening to every morning during her and Lil Cee’s morning show–she insists on sexual innuendos and connotations, but Jay told us about the real message behind the song, as Max eagerly tried to convince Sarah to explain her perception of the song in long, specific details.

Dirty boys.

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Jay set the record straight and explains, “If you don’t read into all the sexual connotations which are evidently everywhere, it’s also about being at a party and waiting for that one person and that party really isn’t a party until they arrive. And when they do, it’s that simple message.. I’m really glad you came.”

The boys reminisced about their first visit to 92.3 NOW. “We came here and sung it, I remember when we first came here there was no one here and now look! It’s just long hair and teeth everywhere, its great!” he says referring to the plethora of teenage girls in the audience.

They chatted about how the boys were duped into thinking they were kidnappers on the new season of “Punk’d” and debated whether or not Tom cried. He assured us he didn’t, but he was indeed rather scared stating “I’ve seen those American cop programs… I was standing thinking I’M GOING TO PRISON!” Everyone laughed at his expense and they recalled what was going on in their minds at that moment.

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Next up, fans got to ask them questions and one lucky girl got a special a capella birthday song from the boys! One girl asked: “If you could have a theme song play every time you walk into a room, what would it be?” Jay would like the throwback “Who Let the Dogs Out” to play, Siva would want the infamous “Eye of the Tiger” aka the “Rocky” theme song. Tom’s choice was rather interesting, he would like “The Simpsons” theme song to play because “It’s nice,” he says.

Another girl put her name, the lyrics to Carly Rae Jepson‘s “Call Me Maybe” and her number on a piece of paper and gave it to the guys. I wonder if they called her… maybe?

Overall, the boys lit up the room and the faces of the audience, making it another successful visit at the 92.3 NOW studios.

Check out the interview below:


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