Jay-Z’s Newest Artist, Rita Ora, Performs at 92.3 NOW

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Rita Ora performs live in studio (photo: CBS Radio)

Rita Ora performs live in studio (photo: CBS Radio)

Vittoria M. Colonna
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U.K singer Rita Ora is the newest addition to the Roc Nation entertainment company. Other artists currently sailing under the flag of Rocnation are J. Cole and our favorite Smith, the one who rocks her hair back and forth, Willow. Headed up by hip-hop mogul and Brooklyn’s finest, Jay-Z, Rocnation undoubtedly has another sensation on their hands.

Rita Ora | In Studio Photos

Rita Ora recently stopped by the 92.3 NOW studios in NYC to perform her twist on local rap legend Biggie Smalls‘ hit “Party and Bull****.” The song, “How We Do (Party),” is a fun, upbeat song that makes you want to, well..party. Her acoustic version was just as exciting and had everyone in the studio bopping their heads and tapping their feet along to the beat.

Though she is an artist all her own, Rita can be compared to a wonderful mix of Rihanna, Christina Milan, and a touch of Adele. The combination makes for a unique sound that makes you want to dance!

Check out he official video for Rita’s How We Do (Party)!

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