Carly Rae Jepsen Talks About Her Rise To Fame, Fans, Golf and More

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Photo: Joe Cingrana for CBS Radio/92.3 NOW

Photo: Joe Cingrana for CBS Radio/92.3 NOW

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There’s a new Canadian in town! Carly Rae Jepsen took the time to come to the big apple and visit the 92.3 NOW studios to talk with our own Sarah Lee. The two bonded over their nail polish, New York City, and answered tweets from fans.

The “Call Me Maybe” singer also shared her humbling thoughts on her new claim to fame, as well as her experience with singing and creating music with fellow Canadian Pop Star–the one who wants to “be your boyfriend and never let you go,” Mr. Swag, Justin Bieber.

In the interview video below, you’ll notice that Sarah Lee introduces the smiley Miss Jepsen as the “world’s greatest golfer.” Confused? Carly Rae tells us a story about how her grandfather thought she was going to be a golf champion.

Carly Rae In Studio Photos

“On the day I was born, my grandfather had a dream that I was going be a world famous golf champion…and I disappointed him.”

21,206,118 views on her official video for “Call Me Maybe” as a disappointment? Unlikely.

Instead of hitting the green, Carly Rae is hitting the music scene and everyone is catching the “Call Me Maybe” bug. Several fan made videos have surfaced on the internet thanks to a homemade dance party video made by Bieber, his lady friend Selena Gomez and few of their friends. You know, like those silly videos you make on your Macbook of you and all your besties dancing to your favorite song, lip syncing like you’re in an actual music video. Well, if you’re J Beibs and friends it’s a lot cooler and gets over thirty one million views.

Speaking of Justin, he was the one who heard Carly’s song on the radio while in Canada, she explains. He told his manager Scooter about the song, and Carly, and one month later she received news from her record label that would change her life. Even while telling the story, she is baffled about all that has happened.

“I repeat that story back to you right now and I can’t believe it!”

Believe it Carly Rae, you’re taking over.

How does Jepsen feel about all the success, including the fan videos?

“I felt just, extremely excited. I remember making those when I was little with my sister and to see it reach places that I’ve yet to visit, like Japan and Germany…it’s just so impressive to me that it can spread so far.”

Speaking of far away places, Carly has been all over the world spreading her music and has loved the adventure thus far.

Twitter user @Avital031 tweeted in a question for Carly:

Carly says that her “favorite part of this experience is the the traveling. I love music, I love singing and I love writing but I also love traveling. And this experience has been able to combine all my passions into one adventure.” She also explains that she misses her family and friends the most but they always make it a point to talk to each other at some point in the day. They set up “tea dates,” as she calls them.

What we all really want to know is what Miss Jepsen is doing with her new pal Justin Bieber in the studio! She spoke a little about the song she recorded with Bieber but can’t give too much away…

“I pinky swore I would not spill the beans but I really want to. It’s kinda just a chill song. I think it’s sweet”

Fair enough. I guess we’ll just have to wait until it goes viral on YouTube and hits number one on iTunes.

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