NYC Taxi Cabs Get A New, Modern Look

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Say good bye to the Old Crown Victoria taxis that we have all grown up in and say hello to the sleek new Nissan taxi!

It’s very “Hunger Games” looking isn’t it? New age, modern and hip! Hopefully they smell better, too!

Check Out Photos Of The New Rides >

These new Nissan Taxi’s are supposed to offer WIFI and digital service in some cabs! Wow, totally an upgrade, right? Also, these new Nissan taxi’s come with glass tops! Perfect for tourists! I guess that means they don’t have to stand around in the streets looking up at all our tall buildings!

Last time I rode in a cab, it was from Union Square to Hudson St. The vinvyl seats were torn and it smelled of … well… vomit. Yuck! I think the new Taxi’s will show a sense of NY pride.

My question is, will these new sleek Taxis cost us more?

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