Rihanna Can’t Get Enough Of Chris Brown: WTF? Does She Have Stockholm Syndrome?

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Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Photo by Dave Hogan/Getty Images

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I know what you’re going to say…

Micki, why does Rihanna collaborating with Chris Brown, or even being in his vicinity, bother you so much?

Well, I am gonna be honest with you. I am a victim of domestic violence.

Many years ago I was with a person, let’s call her “Mindy,” and well, she was physically abusive. I loved her so much, I couldn’t see straight.

Two years after my self esteem was squashed, a friend took me to a shelter and showed me the light. It was humiliating to have pictures of my bruises taken for the criminal case. I thought I would never survive such a thing, but I did with a great family, community and therapy.

I have since forgiven “Mindy,” but that doesn’t mean that I want to be her friend or share old times together.

I just don’t get it, Ri. I guess the saying is true… love the person, NOT the act? Just in case you think I am blowing this out of proportion, let’s quickly revisit what happened to Rihanna on the day Chris Brown couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

“Brown resumed punching Robyn F. and she interlocked her fingers behind her head and brought her elbows forward to protect her face. She then bent over at the waist, placing her elbows and face near her lap in [an] attempt to protect her face and head from the barrage of punches being levied upon her by Brown.”

Chris Brown Police Report Via MTV >

But, I digress…

According to my media sources, Rihanna and Chris Brown are going to cause a MEDIA SCANDAL/FRENZY when they share the same stage at SupaFest in Brisbane, Australia on April 14th. It’s not confirmed just yet, but we should know something days before the event.

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