Heading To JFK Airport? Better Watch Your Stuff!

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"Has anyone seen my Bieber book?"

“Has anyone seen my Bieber book?”

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This message goes out to everyone who likes to travel. There have been approximately 200 lost bags a day at JFK and no one has done anything about it. Now, I like to travel a lot so maybe I can share some tips with you on how to keep your eyes on your bags…

1. If you can fit all your clothes in a carry-on bring one, but don’t be that person that punches his bag into the overhead unit.

2. If you have to check your bag before boarding, try to get bags that have obnoxious colors. Personally, I like to put a bunch of 92.3 NOW stickers on mine.

3. Use the bathroom on the plane before landing so you can immediately go straight to the conveyor belt to claim your luggage.

4. When you get to the conveyor belt, stand right in front of where all the bags come out so you can get yours right away.

At the end of the day, we really don’t want you to lose your bag because it’s annoying dealing with the airports in general, so if you use the following tips you’ll be good to go for your next trip.

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