Jersey Shore’s Angelina Calls In, Talks Snooki Baby Trash and New VH1 Show

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Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

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If you remember Angelina from Season 1 & 2 of MTV‘s Jersey Shore, then you’ll also remember that she doesn’t hold ANYTHING back! Well, nothing has changed for this Staten Island Diva!

She called me up earlier today and wanted to talk about her new reality show on VH1 called Couple’s Therapy. Of course she had nothing but good things to say about the show featuring DMX and his wife and other celebs like Linda Hogan and her MUCH younger boyfriend.

Angelina says she became part of the new show because her boyfriend is “very wild and [she] needed to go in there and just tame him a little bit.”

“It’s a very different show from Jersey Shore, it’s very emotional, it’s drama… it’s crazy!”

“We’re with the other couples all the time, we’re living in a ‘therapy house’!”

But things got a little interesting with Angelina when I asked her about Snooki being pregnant…

“I actually put my best foot forward and I wished her congratulations on her being pregnant and I have yet to hear back from her.”

And what does she think of Snook’s return to The Shore on Season 6?

Angelina said “When I found that out I was really disgusted because I don’t think that’s good for the baby. I do not understand why she’s doing it and to be honest with you, considering what I went through last year with me and the pregnancy… if I have this healthy baby inside of me, I’m sorry but I’m not gonna go ahead and fist pump with the Jersey Shore cast.”

“And she can’t drink! So what is she gonna do? I mean, she’s gonna go nuts!”

Wow! Angelina still likes to tell it like it is!

Listen to the full interview NOW!

Tomorrow night (Wednesday, March 21st) at 9PM, Couple’s Therapy kicks off on VH1. Will you be watching?

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