Niall Horan from One Direction Calls in to Chunky Radio

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Last night, Niall Horan, 1/5th of One Direction called into the Chunky Radio show from his hotel room!

At the end of the interview there’s a little surprise for you — if you have a common girl’s name. You gotta listen to the whole thing to find out what we’re talking about, ladies!

One Direction’s Up All Night is currently enjoying the number one album spot in the country and their single “What Makes You Beautiful” has been getting major requests, day and night, here at NOW. They’ve even beat out the long reigning Queen of the Charts, Adele, in their first week on the charts. That’s quite an achievement!

Naill says the band can’t believe the success and are just “urging [the] fans to go out and go into every store, you know, go into Wal-Mart and get your exclusive copy and go to iTunes to get the album ‘cuz it’s gonna be a long weekend!”

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Already a huge success on the charts and with the ladies in their native U.K., the One Direction express has only recently made it’s way over to the states. So, naturally, Chunky asked Niall about his favorite food spots in America (shocker!). Those happen to be Applebees, Wendy’s and Steak N Shake… just like Chunky! Naill says that’s because they’re on the road so much.

Unfortunately, Chunky can’t use the same excuse.

Chunky also wanted to know who out of the five guys in the band speaks the best, or shall I say ‘most proper Queen’s English’. Interesting, because Niall is Irish. Whatever, just run with it.

Niall also spoke about “Justin Bieber hype vs One Direction hype” with Chunky, which is swinging heavily towards the One Direction side these days. I guess that that means the girls here in the states are going to tear these boys apart.

Nice knowing you, Niall…

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