Rihanna Lets It All Hang Out… Literally!

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(Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

(Samir Hussein/Getty Images)

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Okay Rihanna, we get it! You like attention and you are very comfortable with your body, including your perky breasts, so much so that you feel the need to wear clothes that show them off — sans bra!

Rihanna enjoyed dinner last night with a friend at Da Silvano (260 Avenue of the Americas – 10014) here in the Village and the photogs went crazy! No, not because that “friend” was Chris Brown… but because Chris Brown’s “friends” were out for all to see!

Ri, you know I love, but I say we leave that kind of dress for the beach where all the voyeurs can ogle at your goodies and snap photos for the press! No Shoes, No Shirt, See Thru Blouse w/ No Bra, No Problem!

Until then, try a bra.

Check Out the Pics HERE (NSFW) >

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