One Direction Hysteria Hits America

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(Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment)

(Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment)

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Last weekend over 5,000 fans showed up for One Direction‘s first U.S. appearance in Boston. Their popularity continues to grow as many camped out in New York for a chance to see the British group perform on the Today Show.

Currently on tour in America, the band recently sat down with VEVO for an interview. In the video, the quintet explained how they got their start on UK’s X-Factor where they all auditioned as solo artists. However, it was the judges, including Simon Cowell, that thought they’d make a solid group together.

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“When the decision came for us to move into a group it was pretty simple,” Harry Styles said.

Although they hadn’t met yet, they all decided to form a band and now call themselves friends.

“Since the show started we’ve just got closer and closer,” Styles added. “It’s quite brotherly.”

While American audiences may have seen a different side of Cowell on American Idol, the band said they enjoy working with him.

“Simon’s a really easy person to work with. He’s actually, a funny character once you get to know him,” Louis Tomlinson said.

In fact, Zayn Malik said Cowell gave them the best advice they were ever given.

“He gave us one piece of advice that was probably the best advice which was, ‘You guys need to be the band that you want to be. You can’t be fake about anything.’”

As their success continues to grow worldwide, their first trek to the U.S. has been memorable.

“It’s really surprising for us that we get a good reception here in America because we came from a UK TV show. We did the first music video here and then all of a sudden people started recognizing us,” Tomlinson said.

Their debut album, Up All Night, was the fastest selling album in the UK last year and will be released in the U.S. tomorrow.

One Direction fans camped out all weekend for a chance to see them live this morning on the Today Show. Escorted by bodyguards, the band ran onto the stage while shaking fans hands. Performing the energetic, “What Makes You Beautiful,” ballad “More Than This” and current single “One Thing,” all in attendance were singing along word for word.

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One Direction Makes First U.S. Appearance In Boston To Thousands


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