Rollin’ With Nick Cannon… One Last Time

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(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

[pullquote quote="This isn't goodbye, it's just so long." credit="Nick Cannon"]Today was a sad day at the 92.3 NOW studios. Due to doctors orders, Nick Cannon did his last show with Sarah Lee and the Rollin’ crew this morning. Even though it was a sad day, Nick and Sarah took the listeners on a trip down memory lane, looking back on all the good times they had in the two years Nick was with us.

There’s nothing like turning sad news into a celebration! It certainly was a show to remember!

Listen to Nick and Sarah as they discuss Nick’s decision and what he has planned for the future. Also, take a listen to some of the funniest days on Rollin’ and hear Sarah Lee’s emotional response to the news that Nick will no longer be the morning man at 92.3 NOW.

That’s right, today is Nick Cannon’s last day in the morning slot on 92.3 NOW. Click here for Nick’s official statement and listen below to hear it from the man himself…


“I tried to fight them because this is what I love.” – Nick Cannon

We love you too Nick! *wipes tears away*

Despite the somber mood, Sarah and Nick reminisced about the ridiculously funny moments they shared on the air together over the past two years. Some of which include a butt massage… yes, a butt massage, don’t act like you’re not thinking about getting one!

Nick and Sarah shared a laugh or five about the time she had a legit butt massage therapist come in and get all up on Nick’s booty for his thirtieth birthday present. Nick was far from pleased.

[photogallerylink id=77167]

It’s okay because revenge is sweet.

Nick took Sara Lee’s fear of little people and invited his friend Victor to come in to “help her overcome her fear.” Sarah got a bit… hmmm… shall we say “emotional!”

Take a listen as Sarah freaks out and Nick laughs at her expense…


As the show came to a close, Sarah did what she promised she wouldn’t do. That’s right, it turned Lifetime movie up in here and the water works started flowing.

Sarah spoke genuine, touching words as Rollin’ rolled out for the last time…

“When nobody believed in me, Nick Cannon did.” Sarah says, as she fought back tears.


Sarah Lee’s Life Moments with Nick:

Check out some of the fondest memories Sarah Lee has from over the past two years with Nick…

Nick Does NOT Like Surprises!

Remember when the show was brand new and everyone thought Mariah was pregnant? Well I received (wrong news) that they were having twins and threw Nick a “maybe baby” baby shower. O-M-GEEEEE you should have seen his face!

On that day I learned my lesson…. NEVER surprise Nick Cannon.


Nick’s 30th Birthday…

I thought it would be a great idea for Nick to experience new things so I asked a massage therapist to come in and give Nick a BUTT massage. Nick didn’t like the massage but loved being naked so he decided to attend a MAJOR corporate meeting later that day with nothing on but his robe and shoes. Guess who got in trouble for that one…. ME lol


Nick and Mariah Pregnant with Twins!!!

What a special moment it was when the news was released about “dem babies.” Nick would come in and talk about ultra sound pics and how he couldn’t wait to meet the babies.  NOW Dem Babies are about to turn a year old and they look and act just like Nick!! Roc, Nick’s son is already playing drums… (Watch out Drum Line!)


Nick and His Kidney Failure…

This is when you realize Nick is superman: Nick was in the hospital with Kidney failure and once released from the hospital he came right back to work.  There were days where I could see the pain and discomfort in his eyes but listening to Nick … you would never know there was a problem.  Everyday Nick brought positive energy and laughs not only to me… but to the world. Nick was back in the hospital last weekend with fluid, and blood clots in his lungs and HE STILL CAME TO WORK every day this week.

I’m gonna miss you Nick!! (So will Charli Roo!) But may God keep his hands on you and help you with a speedy recovery! YOU GOT THIS!!

Something Nick always says… (Don’t tell God how big your problems are… tell your problems how big God is.)

Thank you all for ROLLIN’ every Morning!

xoxo – Sarah Lee


Take a listen to all the sweet, dedicated listeners calling in to wish Nick good luck! Adorbz!


With that being said, I will leave you with some inspirational words from Boyz II Men…

And I’ll take with me the memories
To be my sunshine after the rain
It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

I swear I’m not singing this out loud as my co-workers stare at me…




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