Nick Cannon Updates On His Health: What the… Blood Clot?! Is He Going To Be OK?

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Our man Nick Cannon has NOT had a very good start to his 2012. During his NYE vacation, he was rushed to the hospital due to kidney issues. He came back strong, but now he is having even more issues with his health.

But if anyone knows Nick, it’s us, and we knew that he would come back stronger than ever!

He came back live TODAY on Rollin’ where he spoke to his fans and the whole tri-state area about what’s going on in his life these days.

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Nick’s business is called NCredible. The company’s logo in the shape of a superman shield with a big N in the center, all made with red font. If anyone can reflect the meaning of being NCredible, that would be Nick Cannon, his family and his fans. But like Superman, Nick has his kryptonite.

Nick Cannon confessed on today’s Rollin’ that he was recently taken to the hospital for something OTHER than his now well known kidney issues.

“It’s my first day back since Friday, and not many people have known this but, uh… I’ve been in the hospital since Friday. I was having a lot of pain in my back… I learned that I had blood clots in my lungs… an enlarged ventricle in the right side of my heart.”

Take a listen to what Nick said about his health on today’s Rollin’:


There you have it… straight from Nick himself. We are SO happy to have Nick back! Leave your comments below for Nick and thank you for all of the kind words you’ve already sent in via Facebook, Twitter and voicemails! They haven’t gone unnoticed! Nick is back!



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