Stop The Hate: Bullying Includes Spreading Rumors Too!

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There’s a malicious rumor spreading all over Facebook and Twitter stating, and I quote: “STOP listening to Chunky because he said his Ex-Girlfriend ‘Amanda’ got hit by a bus and he is making fun of Amanda Cummings.”

Tri-State, I pride myself as being the local kid to represent US! And Chunky is my friend not only because of him being my co-worker but because of his heart and views on Anti- Bullying.

NO ONE – and I mean NO ONE – on radio has stood up the way he has when we have lost three beautiful kids to bullying.

Hi all, I’m DJ Toro – raised in Brooklyn, lived in Staten Island, living currently in New Jersey. You know me as a resident DJ and on air personality/producer on 92.3 NOW FM.

I bleed NYC and the tri-state. I also bleed friendship. I’m a firm believer in giving back to the community too. I have worked with kids in Staten Island who have helped to raised money for veterans, I’ve worked with Save the Tatas to raise breast cancer awareness as well as with our Stuff a Bus campaign for the Marine Corps Toys For Tots program to give toys to kids during the holidays who’s families could not afford them on their own.

I am very upset right now with the way my friend Chunky is being treated in this social media world.

  • First off – Chunky’s ex and current girlfriends names are NOT Amanda.
  • Second – The comment he made that was twisted into this fabrication was taken completely out of context.
  • Third and MOST IMPORTANT – If you listened to his show you would know his views on Anti-Bullying and how he expresses his own personal views growing up dealing with it as well.

So, I have decided to post this audio for anyone who has NOT heard Chunky’s show and wants an explanation…

Let me tell you something Tri-state, Chunky is a great, funny guy and I give you MY word he would never, ever poke fun at someone who lost their life due to bullying. I was bullied when I was young, too. I know that feeling and it is incredibly hard to deal with.

Please, let’s raise awareness about ANTI-bullying rather than spread FALSE & MALICIOUS rumors about someone you just want to point your finger at.

My Mom – Karen from Brooklyn, NY, is a well loved teacher who taught me a great lesson in life: “If you don’t have anything good to say about someone, don’t say anything at ALL.”

Here is the audio. And thank you for your time and patience.


Chunky Takes Some Calls…





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