White Castle Testing Alcohol Sales: I’ll Take a Crave Case and a Six Pack, To Go!

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Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

This is, without a doubt, the best thing that Chunky has ever heard of. I caught a glimpse of his Christmas letter to Santa yesterday and this item was right on top:

“Santa, please ask White Castle to start serving beer. I’d be such a happy boy.”

chunkylist White Castle Testing Alcohol Sales: Ill Take a Crave Case and a Six Pack, To Go!While congratulating Chunky on his superhuman arteries (if you haven’t seen his “Christmas Recipes,” you’re in for a treat and a heart attack!) I got a little peek at his holiday wish list…

Then I see a news piece out of Ohio today that this may actually happen!


The White Castle burger chain is tossing around the idea of selling alcoholic beverages at its restaurants.

You know, they’ve been around for 90 years. I’m surprised this is the first time they’re thinking of this, but the company is now testing beer and wine sales at a location in Lafayette, Indiana (ROAD TRIP!?), that combines a traditional White Castle with a Blaze Modern BBQ, a new restaurant also being tried out.

white castle beer jpg White Castle Testing Alcohol Sales: Ill Take a Crave Case and a Six Pack, To Go!

White Castle

Lafayette customers can get fancy with a glass wine for $4.50 or a domestic beer for $3. In other cities, White Castle is testing an Asian food concept (Crave case of egg rolls, please!) and a grilled sandwiches restaurant.

White Castle spokesman Jamie Richardson, who obviously doesn’t understand who his clientele is, told The Columbus Dispatch that feedback from consumers has been better than expected… but the company hasn’t decided yet whether to expand alcohol sales or the new concepts nationwide.

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