Breaking News! Nick Cannon Reacts To Howard Stern’s New Gig on America’s Got Talent

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Yes! Yes! Breaking news from the America’s Got Talent host himself: AGT will be coming to New York City this year!

100492383 Breaking News! Nick Cannon Reacts To Howard Sterns New Gig on Americas Got Talent

With the departure of long-time judge Piers Morgan, there was room for a brand new man to take his place. The shoes will filled by none other than New York veteran Howard Stern!

Take a listen to what Nick Cannon had to say about the news on today’s “Rollin”:


So with the news that Stern will be the new judge, do you think this means more ratings? Will it be a better show? Do you think Nick and Howard will clash more than he and Pierce did?

All I have to say is, I am ready for the new season to begin already! 

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