Spotify? Naaaah… How ‘Bout!?

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Kyle Moffatt
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We post Facebook updates about our pets, we Twitpic our dinner, and we check in from the drug store on Foursquare. But are we really ready to share with the world our guilty music pleasures? For some people the answer is a big fat NO…

Now that online streaming music service Spotify has teamed up with “New Facebook,” your friends get to creep on what you’re listening to. You’ve probably noticed your live ticker includes updates like “Ben is listening to ‘Super Bass’ on Spotify.” “Johnny is listening to the playlist ‘Hell Yeah Dope Mix’ on Spotify.” And “Helga listened to ‘Lady in Red’ and 156 other songs on Spotify.”

If you’re someone who enjoys Spotify but prefers not to tell the world you’re a closet New Kids on the Block fan, well you’re not alone. CNN put together instructions on how to deactivate the sharing feature for Spotify and other streaming apps, and it’s not very intuitive.

Needless to say, some people ain’t happy, and they’ll be even less happy when the Timeline profile rolls out. Timeline will include a special section devoted to sharing what songs you’ve been listening to, along with what shows you’ve watched on Hulu and what news stories you’ve read on Yahoo.

I of course only listen to 92.3 NOW to get my music fix, and when I’m not near a radio I tune in on my for iPhone app – as should you! However, I’ve been trying out Spotify to see what the fuss is about. To be honest, it became more of a paranoid experience than I thought it would. Before I turned on the social feature on Spotify, I meticulously went through my iTunes playlists and decided which playlists I wanted to “share” with the world. I said no to the “New Years Mix 2005,” “Britney Spears 4Eva,” and “Bad Mood Rainy Day Mix.”

Those would be too embarrassing to broadcast on my friend’s feeds…

Once I started streaming a few songs I started getting a few snarky comments in my feed like “Wynter Gordon? That’s so 2009!” or “Ughhhh Britney again?” But I also started seeing people checking out the playlists I did choose to share. And wow, some people actually liked them enough to subscribe to them! It feels ridiculous to admit, but there was something really gratifying about seeing people want to follow my personal playlists.

As an uber-music fan, my musical taste and knowledge have become important pieces of my identity. As a radio DJ, by definition part of my job is to overshare things about my life. Spotify allows me to combine both of those elements. But like everyone else it’s going to take some getting used to. Maybe next year I’ll choose to release my “I Heart Wilson Phillips” mix on Spotify… but for now I’ll stick to what I know and love, FM radio.

Who needs Spotify when you’ve got 92.3 NOW?



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