Rollin' with Nick Cannon: Corporal Punishment…How Far Is Too Far?

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One of the ongoing debates between groups and parents is corporal punishment! Some say spare the rod and spoil the child and others say that the crime rate is up so high because kids have no discipline! Most of us here on the show got our fare share of spankings or beat downs but turned out quite well!

What do you think? What you read next may change your mind!

I think so… when done properly! lol.

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The story comes from Orlando, Florida cops arrested Devery Broox after learning about the following video through a tip originally received by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Nick got his butt whooped when he was growing up, so did Sarah Lee! So the real question is how far is too far when it comes to giving your kid a beat down? The video below shows some discipline but the scary part i,s the kid screaming when he’s being spanked!

Look, I’ll speak for those of us who did catch such beatings.  All that screaming and howling was always worse than the actual spanking… yes, this is true!

Share your thoughts in the comments below and weigh in on one of the great debates of all time!

Watch the vid here!


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