Vibebaby Update!!! It’s… A…

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"What's it gonna be?"

“What’s it gonna be?”

Kyle Moffatt
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Can I just tell you that I had to sit through about 25 minutes of cold belly gel and blurry baby images before the tech even TOLD me what I was having?!?! There was one point when I saw what I *thought* was a view of the peanut’s goods, but then she didn’t say anything!!!!

vibebaby Vibebaby Update!!! Its... A...


It’s not like *I* know what I’m looking at! *I* thought the baby’s beating heart was her winking at us!

“Oohhhh, is that its FACE?!?!?!”

” Uh, no… that’s the heart.”

(I can be slow sometimes…)

About 15 minutes later, after more poking and prodding and jabbing and staring quizzically at the monitor trying to figure out what the fuzzy blob was (A FOOT!), the tech muttered to me, “Did I tell you the sex yet?” (Um…lemmethink…NO!!?!?!?!)



<3 <3 !!!! GIRL !!!! <3 <3

Of course, since I’m totally paranoid that they’ll TELL me it’s a girl and it’ll pop out a boy, I had her recheck, just to be sure and sure enough, my little bean’s got girl parts!!! I saw her little taco and everything!!!!!

We are over the moon excited – I can’t believe it’s actually really a GIRL!!!!!!!

With two stepsons already and this being the only kid I’m having (one and done, thankyouverymuch), this was my only chance and we’re getting exactly what we wanted!!!!!!! (Watch me seriously regret this wish 13-years from now. For reals. LOL)

Her name is going to be Zuzu! First person to comment and tell me where we got her name from totally wins cool points from me (and maybe a little som’n som’n else!)…


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